Live Falcon Cam

  • Four Eggs Over and Over Easy

    The larger falcon spends most of her time on the eggs lately. She gently pushes, prods and rolls the eggs slightly when she re-adjusts her position.  If the male shows up at the nest while she is there, they chirp to (at?) each other constantly.

    9:26 am , April 15, 2015
  • Queue at the Nest

    On most days one falcon will cover the eggs for a few hours and then fly off. A few minutes later the mate will come to lie on the eggs. Today as the female was on the eggs, the male stood within an inch of her and waited for his turn to cover. A quick glimpse of three well attended eggs could be seen during the changeover.

    12:13 pm , April 8, 2015
  • Whole Lot of Incubating Going On

    Near constant covering of the eggs by the noticeably different sized falcon pair had prevented new egg sightings. Today the much larger (female) moved to re-adjust herself and showed three eggs underneath.

    5:34 pm , April 7, 2015
  • Video Feed Is Now Live!

    Check back often to see how the Falcons are doing and get the latest news.

    1:50 pm , April 7, 2015
  • No Foolin, We Have An Egg

    Two falcons have been frequent visitors to the nest in recent weeks so seeing an egg on April Fool’s Day was anticipated. The couple has been sharing incubation duties. The capacity to zoom in on the nest (and residents) should be restored shortly. The leg tag ID information will be posted as soon as we get a good view without disturbing the falcons.

    5:32 pm , April 1, 2015