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7-1-14 Iceman 55 & Goose 55 in No-Fly Zone (posted on July 01, 2014)
Two more fledglings visited raptor rescues after concerned neighbors alerted authorities to falcons on the ground. Iceman 55 found on Saturday 6-28-14 and Goose 55 found at One New York Plaza on Monday 6-30-14, were returned unhurt and healthy to 55 Water St. Chris Nadareski (NYC DEP) re-banded Goose 55 after examination (size and toe length) and deciding it is possible he (Goose 55 male 18/BA) might be she (Goose 55 female 17/BC). Barbara Saunders (NYS DEC) has been kept busy shuttling the falcons from re-hab centers, back to the building, and releasing them safely.

6-27-14 Viper 55 Vipes Out (posted on June 30, 2014)
Stolen? Rescued? Adopted? 55 Water St. security cameras recorded a man on the Elevated Acre escalator carrying a covered falcony-shaped package early Friday afternoon. Less than an hour later Viper 55 was turned into a wildlife rescue in Manhattan, examined, and ready to return to 55 Water St. Barbara Saunders of the NYS DEC released him at a setback near but not at the nest. The risk is high of frightening any remaining fledglings by opening the nest box access panels. Adele should hear Viper 55’s loud calling for food.
6-26-14 Frequent Fliers (posted on June 26, 2014)
Maverick 55, Iceman 55, and Viper 55 are usually out flying around the neighborhood. They have been spotted flying north on South St. looking for hospitable (with a ledge) buildings to land on. Goose 55 scrambles up onto the nest ledge but hasn’t taken off yet. He retains some white fuzz and has grown larger than his brothers. Adele delivers meals less often (observed once a day), occasionally to all 4 chicks. The headless pigeon carcass that appeared in the nest yesterday held no appeal for any of the falcons, and then disappeared.
6-13-14 - Changes in Appearance and Behavior (posted on June 13, 2014)
In the 3 weeks since the chicks hatched there are noticeable changes every day. They are all longer, taller and heavier, same great appetite. The white fuzz that covered their bodies is being replaced by dark wing and tail feathers, black face masks, and dark spot patterns. The older chicks now walk upright rather than on their “elbows” as Goose 55 still does. All the chicks do plenty of wing stretching and flapping but no lift off. They will wander out of camera range (focused on the nest) but re appear when Adele shows up with meals.
6-5-14 -Banded and Pooped (posted on June 06, 2014)
It was a busy morning for Chris Nadareski of the NYC DEP, Barbara Saunders of the NYS DEC and the 55 Water St. falcon chicks. They were retrieved, banded, inspected, and returned to the nest. All are healthy though Goose 55 as the runt is smaller and bears watching.

Adult Female- Adele- black Y over green 9 both sideways – 987-95662
Adult Male – Rocky- black 81 over green X (assumed)
Fledglings- Male- Maverick 55, black 05 over green BC - 2206-75409
Male- Iceman 55, black 16 over green BA - 2206-75410
Male – Viper 55, black 17 over green BA – 2206-75411
Female – Goose 55, black 17 over green BC - 1947-21554
6-3-14- Band of Falcons (posted on June 03, 2014)
On Thursday June 5th at 8 am the 55 Water St. 2014 falcon chicks will be banded by Chris Nadereski of the NYC DEP. The chicks are maturing rapidly, growing larger, wandering around the nest, trying to pick at food, and laying separately rather than in a pile.
5-27-14-Fat Chicks Welcome (posted on May 27, 2014)
As of Friday 5-23-14 all four eggs hatched. The chicks eat, sleep, try spreading their wings, and test their balance (not too good) standing. This morning the feathers of some unfortunate prey littered the nest. Adele is away frequently for short periods (1/2 hour of less) then returns to feed the hungry chicks.
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5-20-14 Four Eggs-Three Chicks=One Egg Left (posted on May 20, 2014)
A broken shell visible in the nest and seeing only one egg suggests there are 3 chicks underneath Adele but she’s not moving much this morning to be sure. When she was feeding the chicks yesterday, one was aggressively making his mouth prominent to receive the majority of the food.

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5-19-14 - Spring Sprung, Eggs Hatch (posted on May 19, 2014)
Between 5 PM on Friday 5-16-14 and Sunday 5-18-14, two eggs have hatched at 55 Water St. Adele has been alternating between feeding the chicks and incubating the soon to hatch eggs. When she moves off of them, those babies are in constant motion moving their necks and heads back and forth and reaching out.
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4-29-14 - Differentiating Between Falcons (posted on April 30, 2014)
Adele- when she's nesting somewhat parallel to the camera, facing (east) South Street, her tail feathers brush the wall. The top of her head is solid black and shiny and she has high contrast between her light and dark areas. She is more active on the eggs, cuddling down on them aggressively as she re-adjusts, looking around, and pecking at the ground.

Male (hopefully we can ID him when the eggs hatch)- there are two light patches on the top of his head. He has to make more of an effort (spreading his wings) to cover the 4 eggs.
4-23-14- Conscious Incubating Partnership (posted on April 23, 2014)
Adele (The Falcon Formerly Known As Y Black Over 9 Green) left the nest this morning and was temporarily replaced on the eggs by a noticeably smaller falcon (assumedly her mate). When Adele returned after 15 minutes, she perched above the nest until the other falcon flew off.
4-21-14 - Full Easter Basket - Four Eggs (posted on April 21, 2014)
Y Black over 9 Green has been covering those eggs steadily all morning but when she re-adjusted herself and the eggs, four eggs are now visible. The eggs vary in size and color from orange and mottled to pale and less marked.

The mate visits occasionally and she chips continually when he appears.
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4-16-14 Cold Night No Deterrent- Three Eggs (posted on April 16, 2014)
The temperature dipped to freezing in the city last night but it didn't stop Y Black over 9 Green from laying another egg. She lays on them, rolls them, and will still leave the nest occasionally.

Another falcon (the mate?) was perched above the nest for some time this morning.
4-11-14 - 4-14-14- Weekend Surprise - Two Eggs (posted on April 16, 2014)
Sometime over the weekend our beautiful female falcon laid her second egg. She is laying on them some but not all of the time yet. Hope this means we can expect more eggs.
4-10-14 First Egg of the Season (posted on April 16, 2014)
The first egg of the season appeared today at 55 Water St. The adult female is Y Black over 9 (or 9?) Green. laughing
Falcons Are Back! (posted on April 16, 2014)
The Peregrine Falcons are back at 55 Water Street and are nesting! More to follow. smile
The Falcons Are Back! (posted on April 14, 2014)
Check back soon...we should have the Birdcam up in a day or two!
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