Falcon News

4-23-14- Conscious Incubating Partnership (posted on April 23, 2014)
Adele (The Falcon Formerly Known As Y Black Over 9 Green) left the nest this morning and was temporarily replaced on the eggs by a noticeably smaller falcon (assumedly her mate). When Adele returned after 15 minutes, she perched above the nest until the other falcon flew off.
4-21-14 - Full Easter Basket - Four Eggs (posted on April 21, 2014)
Y Black over 9 Green has been covering those eggs steadily all morning but when she re-adjusted herself and the eggs, four eggs are now visible. The eggs vary in size and color from orange and mottled to pale and less marked.

The mate visits occasionally and she chips continually when he appears.
laughing laughing laughing laughing
4-16-14 Cold Night No Deterrent- Three Eggs (posted on April 16, 2014)
The temperature dipped to freezing in the city last night but it didn't stop Y Black over 9 Green from laying another egg. She lays on them, rolls them, and will still leave the nest occasionally.

Another falcon (the mate?) was perched above the nest for some time this morning.
4-11-14 - 4-14-14- Weekend Surprise - Two Eggs (posted on April 16, 2014)
Sometime over the weekend our beautiful female falcon laid her second egg. She is laying on them some but not all of the time yet. Hope this means we can expect more eggs.
4-10-14 First Egg of the Season (posted on April 16, 2014)
The first egg of the season appeared today at 55 Water St. The adult female is Y Black over 9 (or 9?) Green. laughing
Falcons Are Back! (posted on April 16, 2014)
The Peregrine Falcons are back at 55 Water Street and are nesting! More to follow. smile
The Falcons Are Back! (posted on April 14, 2014)
Check back soon...we should have the Birdcam up in a day or two!
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