55 Water Street Awarded the 2016 Energy Project of the Year

The Energy Project of the Year recognizes an innovative energy management project that has been in operation for at least six (6) months and can be substantiated with actual installation costs and operating savings. The awards are based on installed and successful projects and the winner is selected based on certain parameters of the system installed: how it is currently operating and a series of metrics which include: project installation costs, annual kWh reduction, peak electric demand reduction, the environmental impact in terms of reduction in carbon emissions, project payback and annual savings in energy and operational costs.

55 Water Street has been awarded the NY Association of Energy Engineers – Energy Project of the Year for 2016 for the Ice Plant (Energy Efficient Chiller Plant).

55 Water Street is a 3.8M sq.ft. Class A office building in downtown Manhattan. It’s location near the Hudson and East Rivers gives a spectacular view of New York City in every direction. Built in 1972, 55 Water Street is the second largest privately owned office building in the United States.

For over 20 years the building has had ongoing building modernization that has focused on improving safety, security, and comfort for the occupants while simultaneously enhancing resiliency and reliability. The building management continuously reviews the building’s operations to ensure that they meet the ongoing demands of their tenants. With this in mind, in 2014, the building completed a chiller plant retrofit that included the installation of a state of the art thermal storage chiller plant along with central plant automation and energy dashboards to reduce the building’s impact on the environment, provide resiliency and reduce costs for their tenants. This thermal storage system and chiller plant upgrades in conjunction with utility incentives provided 55 Water Street a solution that generated payback in 5 years.

The key drivers behind this initiative were:

  • Improved cooling system efficiency
  • Reduced building electric demand
  • Improved system resiliency
  • Simplified building operations
  • Reduce carbon footprint

The system features:

  • The world’s largest ice-producing chiller
  • Two (2) Trane Model CDHF 3,250 ton “Day” Chillers
  • One (1) Trane Model CDHF 2,950/2,020 ton “Dual Duty” Chiller
  • Thermal ice storage system with 134 CALMAC Icebank® tanks
  • Variable Frequency Drive Pumps
  • Trane Tracer™ SC Building Automation System

Each of the three (3) new chillers is fully backed up by the building’s dedicated emergency generators.

The ice storage equipment can be used to reduce peak electric consumption during the day and/or to serve as a support mechanism during several different failure scenarios. Aside from its ability to help manage the daytime cooling load, the ice storage system is primarily used to shift production of chilled water into the night time hours when energy is less expensive and produced more efficiently while simultaneously reducing electric demand during the day.

New central plant automation systems were also installed and were used to modify the building’s pumping and air distribution systems from a constant primary flow to a variable primary flow system using Trane’s Earthwise™ low flow/low temp strategy. The new chillers were designed to accommodate this new building wide operational structure.

With the building at near full occupancy and a year round need for central plan cooling, significant effort was put into the project execution plan to keep the building’s daily cooling
operation intact and not impact tenant comfort and/or the critical systems the central plant serves.

2016 Annual Awards Gala

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Tuesday June 21, 2016
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