About 55 Water

55 Water Street is the second largest privately owned office building in the United States. Located in lower Manhattan, it has been a fixture of the New York City skyline since it was built in 1972. It has an unrivaled view of downtown Manhattan and the East and Hudson Rivers, with access to the conveniences of NYC a short walk, subway or cab ride away.

Tenants can expect world-class office facilities operated and managed by New Water Street Corp., a professional management team with years of experience working in this building. We believe in a hands-on management approach. If you have issues or need anything, we are here to assist. We are always looking out for your best interests and have an open door policy in order to be accessible at all times. Our on-site staff includes experts in management, construction, maintenance and operations who are available to assist with your needs as a tenant.

55 Water is a debt-free investment of the Retirement Systems of Alabama (“RSA”) since October 1993. RSA is a sizeable pension fund with holdings throughout the United States. RSA’s mission is to serve the interests of their members and preserve their benefits while minimizing the cost on Alabama taxpayers.

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