Falcon Cam

In 1999, 55 Water Street unexpectedly became the home of two new residents; a pair of Peregrine Falcons nicknamed Jack & Diane by management. The duo moved into the 14th floor of the 54 story building to raise their family that has been living there ever since, producing 19 children over the span of their relationship.

Peregrine Falcons are a unique breed of birds in that they generally mate for life. Jack & Diane unfortunately were split up when Diane was found with a severely arthritic wing in late 2001. She now resides safely at Cornell University, and Jack went on to find a new mate in Jill, who has been nesting with him since then.

In an effort to preserve this beautiful declining species, 55 Water Street has built a nest and perch area to make their stay more comfortable and help the species continue. During nesting season we set up a “Falcon Cam” for visitors and audiences worldwide to see what Jack, Jill and their children may be up to lately and learn more about the fascinating species from egg laying through its development to a fledgling.

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