Why Rent Office Space?

Nothing says you’re a professional like a beautifully designed office, but buying office space or a building can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Besides the initial cost of owning the building, as an owner you are responsible for maintenance and any other expenses related to your building.

The perfect solution for many businesses is a long term office space lease or rental. Renting office space is cost effective and allows you to spend more time working on your business – rather than worrying about maintenance and upkeep. Renting in New York also gives your business greater flexibility in the long term. If your business expands or moves, it’s easier and less expensive to find a new office space to rent than to try to sell a building you own outright.

55 Water Street offers the best of both worlds with long term Class A office space rentals. Imagine having premium office space in downtown Manhattan with features and amenities like:

We aim to exceed your expectations of an office building and the high standards of the New York City business world.

If you are interested in upgrading your office space, there are still some floors available with premium office space for rent.