6-22-17   Fish Gotta Swim

After 2 weeks of ramp to lower setback investigation, attempted flights, and waiting for meal delivery, the young falcons are gone from the nest. Adele and Frank (adult Falcons parents at 55 Water St.) are sighted daily from the 14th floor and roof. The nest will be watched year round though the Falcon Cam live stream will end shortly.

5-25-17 Banded and Healthy

This morning Christopher Nadareski with the D.E.P. successfully banded (Bobby D 55 banded 64 black over AZ green and Ace 55 banded 65 black over AZ green) two male chicks currently being raised on the east facade of 55 Water’s 14th floor.  Christopher gave the chicks a clean bill of health and placed identification bands around their legs for tracking purposes.  They are now back in their nest with parents.   Hopefully these two chicks will become adult Peregrine Falcons and […]

5-10-17 2 Chicks and 2 Eggs

Two of the eggs have hatched into neck craning, beak opening and closing baby Falcons with hearty appetites. When the adults bring food to the nest, the chicks are ready to eat.  One of the two remaining eggs is showing a jagged hairline crack; an indication of hatching in the near future?

Free Yoga on the Elevated Acre

Free Yoga on the Elevated Acre. Bring your own mat.

4-11-17   Tough Pre-Easter Egg Hunt – 4 Eggs

  With Adele almost constantly incubating, it was difficult to discover if there were any additional eggs. Sighting of 4 eggs was confirmed on Sunday 4-9-17 by sharp-eyed Dwayne Kelly.

4-4-17   1pm Thank you Joseph- 3 Eggs

Thank you Joseph from Flexible Systems for restoring the Live Falcon Cam just in time to see that the 2017 New Water Street Falcons have produced 3 eggs.

4-4-17 Weekends Are for Babies-2 Eggs

Monday mornings’ view of the nest showed 2 eggs.  Today Adele was incubating the eggs and chirping furiously. A wider angle view showed Frank close by on the edge before flying off.

3-29-17   Adele Glowing for a Reason

Adele (sideway Y black/sideway 9 green) and Frank (30 black/AN green) have been visiting the nest regularly throughout the winter, usually at different times but occasionally together. Yesterday Frank delivered a meaty looking chunk to the nest (an infrequent behavior without any babies present). Today we have our 1st egg of the season.

6-22-16   Close to Home

The nest may be empty and the Falcon Cam down till spring but reports from the roof at 55 Water St. say 5 Falcons are flying in that area. Falcons are too territorial to let another family nest that close, so it is likely that Adele and Frank are schooling their young to hunt. The Falcon Cam is monitored throughout the year; new posts will appear when the Falcons do.

6-2-16   Birds on the Brink

The falcon chicks world has expanded to include the setback wall. It is adjacent to the nest, approximately 1’ wide x 10’ long, and facing the East River. They walk (not fly) onto it daily for hours of viewing (the FDR?, future meals?, Mom?). All 3 falcons are 75% feather/25% white fuzz, flapping vigorously but no lift off.