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  1. 6-5-19 Exploring their world

    6-5-19 Exploring their World

    Emily55 (71 black/BW green) and Gabriella55 (70 black/BW green) range down the ramp and onto the setback ledge, SamWilson55 (17 black/BX green) doesn’t display that ambition…….yet.

  2. 5-30-19 Named, Tagged and Healthy

    The 2019 fledgling Falcons
    Female -Gabriella55 70 black over BW green
    Female – Emily55 71 black over BW green
    Male- SamWilson55 17 black over BX green

    All are healthy normal falcons. SamWilson55 (male) is smaller (typical of males) and a few days younger but a VERY aggressive eater.

  3. 5-22-19 Young Falcon Milestone Approaching
    The newest 3 of the Falcons nesting at 55 Water Street are scheduled for examination and banding on Friday 5-24-19 by Christopher A. Nadareski / Section Chief / NYC Environmental Protection. Typically, afterwards they are returned directly to the nest.

  4. 5-16-19 Falcon Friends

    The Falcon Cam will be off until Friday 5-17-19 at approximately 12 noon. See you then.

  5. 5-6-19 Frank hoggin the food
    5-6-19 Frank came by with a chunky tidbit but flew away without sharing after an earful from Adele.

  6. 5-2-19 Hatching in Our (near) Future
    Cracking on at least 2 of the eggs suggests hatching is imminent.

  7. 4-4-19 Speedy Incubation Changeover Egg#4
    The change from Adele laying on the eggs to Frank taking his turn was too quick to record a snip but 4 eggs are now observed in the nest.

  8. 4-1-19 Busy Weekend at 55 Water Egg#3
    One or the other of the Falcon pair incubates the eggs almost constantly now. A quick early morning peek revealed 3 large pinkish speckled eggs.

  9. 3-28-19 Baseball Season Opener Excitement? Produces Egg#2
    Perhaps unrelated to Baseball, the Falcons at 55 Water Street continue to build their team. Frank was restlessly incubating this morning and when he flew off the second egg of the season was visible.

  10. 3-26-19 Easter Later, Falcon Early Egg#1
    Black Y over Green 9 sideways aka Adele laid her first egg of the 2019 season between 4 pm Monday 3-25-19 and 7 am 3-26-19. Frank (her mate), 30 over AN, delivered juicy tidbits to the nest.