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Thank you for visiting the New Water Street Corp. (“NWSC”) website ( NWSC is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to the Website and this Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with information regarding our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information. “Personal Information” is information that relates to or is linked to a specific individual, such as name, electronic address, identification and account numbers, location and other identifying characteristics. This policy applies to anyone accessing the Website at any time and for any reason. You must read and understand the policy before using the Website. By proceeding and using the Website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Privacy Policy and agree to NWSC’s Terms and Conditions located at Terms & Conditions, which is incorporated herein by reference.

When you visit the Website, we will gather and analyze and, under certain circumstances, store and use Personal Information about you. The Personal Information we gather and analyze may be information submitted by you when you complete on-line registrations, applications or forms. It could also be information that is collected as you navigate around the Website. For example, the Website uses cookies* that will identify the services you use, your browsing preferences and how you found and landed on the Website.

NWSC stores and/or processes Personal Information to:

  • Monitor and analyze Website traffic, marketing and usage trends;
  • Communicate with visitors to the Website in response to questions or suggestions submitted using online forms on the Website;
  • Verify information Website visitors submit while using the Website;
  • Monitor and analyze current attacks on and threats to NWSC’s Website and technology systems and devices;
  • Review and improve the Website and its content and features based on usage and efficiency; and
  • Verify and insure compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and with NWSC own policies and procedures.


We may share Personal Information with our affiliated companies when we believe that the information may enhance the services provided, but only when such sharing conforms to the law, any applicable confidentiality agreements, and NWSC’s policies and practices. In addition, NWSC may disclose Personal Information in the circumstances outlined below:

  • Disclosure to service providers or contractors providing technology services to NWSC, including working on, maintaining or hosting NWSC’s website. These service providers and contractors will be required to maintain any Personal Information as confidential and will use the information only as described in this Privacy Policy;
  • Disclosure as required by law or to investigate or report any attempts to hack or otherwise attack the Website; and
  • Disclosure as part of a business transaction with a bank, lender, investor or purchaser where Personal Information may be evaluated in confidence during the due diligence process.


NWSC will not sell, trade or rent any Personal Information to any third party. Although NWSC may provide certain website data, such as sales, site traffic and related information, to third parties, Personal Information will not be included except in an aggregate manner where the third party will be unable to identify you personally. NWSC may also disclose anonymized forms of your email address to third parties to enable NWSC to provide you with any services you have agreed to receive.

NWSC employs systems and procedures designed to protect all information submitted to and collected through the Website. However, no security system or procedure is impenetrable and, as such, NWSC cannot guarantee the security of the Website, or that information will not be intercepted or compromised while being submitted to the Website.

The Website may contain links to websites belonging to other companies. Those external websites are not governed by this policy and may have their own privacy notices or policies which you should review. Your access to these third-party websites is at your own risk.

Should you wish to review any Personal Information relating to you collected on the Website, please submit a written request to the email address provided below and we will attempt to provide you with a catalog of Personal Information we have collected. Although we will make a reasonable effort, because of the nature of the Personal Information that is collected and the form that it is in, we may not be able to associate any Personal Information with you, specifically. You may also refuse or revoke your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information through the Website.

In the event that European Union data protection laws apply to your visit to the Website, the following provisions will supplement NWSC’s standard policy provisions set forth above. Under the European Union’s data protection laws, NWSC is the controller of all Personal Information collected and processed through the Website. NWSC is required to retain all Personal Information for as long as is necessary to satisfy or meet the purpose for which it was obtained or any other legal purpose and may transfer your Personal Information only after insuring that the information will be protected and the transfer will meet all legal requirements.

Every time we collect, use or store your Personal Information, you may have the following rights:

  • To request information regarding the collection and processing of your Personal Information and access to any Personal Information relating to you;
  • To refuse consent or withdraw consent to allow NWSC to collect or process your Personal Information. You may also ask that your Personal Information be deleted or restrictions be placed on NWSC’s use or processing of the information. Under certain circumstances, NWSC may be required or permitted to maintain and process your Personal Information despite your revocation of consent or request that the information be deleted that it be processed in a certain manner;
  • In certain situations, you may request that NWSC transmit Personal Information to you in a commonly used and machine-readable electronic format and/or request that the information be delivered to a third party for processing and formatting;
  • To request corrections to your Personal Information if it is inaccurate or incomplete; and
  • To file a complaint or report with the appropriate data protection regulator if you believe we have infringed any of your rights.


You can exercise your rights by contacting us using the email address listed below.

NWSC reserves its right to update and revise this Privacy Policy at any time. The revised policy will be effective upon posting or publication and your use of the Website after the posting or publication of the revised or updated policy shall be deemed acceptance by you of the revised or updated policy.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected].

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Effective Date: December 01, 2018

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